I do admit it, I also write pop/rock (alternative) music…

Since I was 14 I’ve made pop music (it has been a kind of secret…). But mostly concentrating on my classical music, the music hasn’t been published yet. My lyricists over the years are my brother Per Melchior and my girlfriend Malin. Malin has written all the new lyrics during the last years.

Together with Tirill Mohn I’ve also written some really great pop tunes to lyrics by Malin. The idea is to do something with all the material in the near future; the songs do earn to be made public after my opinion. All the programming and arrangements I have done myself supported by Tirill. Tirill, Malin and myself have been singing on the demo tapes. Which singers who are going to do the vocals in the end, we do not know yet. The project is called Pretty Mellow,  and it might, or might not happen (be published); it’s a though industry. In the meantime – head over to the Pretty Mellow website and listen!