Thomas Dolby: A recommendation!

One of my greatest heroes within the field of pop music is Thomas Dolby. I´ve followed his career since he started, and he is one of the most innovative artists I know of. He manages to make music which go beyond plain pop. The advanced productions, great melodies and texts have the same ability as modern classical music to transcend. What I find so extreamly good with Dolbys music, is that he makes  music that is interesting on more then one level. He is not saying ”look at me”(narcissism), but he invites you to look at “what he has invented” together with him (understanding through entertainment). And therefore I think his motive for doing what he’s doing, comes from a genuin interest for the medias (text/music/video) he expresses  himself through. For me Thomas Dolby and Peter Gabriel are the leading stars in my pop universe. I will also like to recommend Finn Coren  –  for whom I´ve done some string arrangements, check out his home page. He surely is in the same league as Thomas Dolby and Peter Gabriel.

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