Turmmusik (2009) for Brass Quintet

This is the second composition I´ve finished this year! It’s a pre-study for the Richard III Monologes for Baritone (Vocal) and Brass Quintet.

From bar 22 to 30 I’ve used the main five note chord from “Farben” taken from
“Fünf Orchesterstücke” opus 16 by Arnold Schoenberg. I’ve also used this chord in my brass band composition “Versuch über Schatten, Farben und Licht” (2001-2005), and as in the case of Turmmusik, my “Farben” is dedicated to Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, who has shown me the way, and given me the opportunity to write for the brass medium.

The “Transition from bar 66 to 74 contains two super imposed processes:

  1. Transition from “Farben” Chord  to its transposed  version a minor second down.
  2. The “Psalm” (bar 81-89) is gradually revealed.

The composition’s finale is build around a “psalm/choral” I wrote on the 9. of November 2004 in Lübeck/Germany. Later on it was used as a “deep structure” in “Translucence” (2004-2006) for Brass Band. On the 18. of October in Oslo/Norway 2006 my lyricist Malin Kjelsrud
wrote lyrics to the melody, and we plan to make a pop tune out of it!

“Bar 75-77 is the “Farben-Chord” is the same transition as point 1, but within a short time frame.

Click on the image to see the score in PDF (260 KB)