Here are watermarked excerpts of my valid  scores. My publisher is


Contact: Artistic Director the Musicologist  Mr. Michael El Khouri

And off cause if you have questions or just want to get in contact, I’ll be delighted to hear from you!

All the original scores and sketches (also those which are not valid)  was deposited at the Norwegian National Library in the Summer of 2013. It occupies 5 shelf Meters (5.5 Yards or 16.4 Fot.)

Acedia (I) for English Horn* 2013
Acedia (II) for Eb-Horn (Alto Horn)* 2013
Aura for 16 Solo Strings or String orchestra 1995
Beyond Bayat for Military Band (publ. Noteservice) 1999/2000
Carvings for Solo Violin 2009
Das ersehnte Licht for Orchestra 2002
Elegie for Violin and Grand Piano 2002
Finnisher Tango for Soprano and Grand Piano Text Hans Magnus Enzensberger 2008
Hommage an Edvard Hagerup Grieg for Flute and Grand Piano 2009
Le mystere de la Voix for Violoncello Solo 1999
Liebeslied for Orchestra 1997/1999 (rev.)
Le Tombeau de Schnittke for Violoncello and Sinfonietta 2008/2009
Med hjelp fra mine brødre (With help from my Brethren) Mail Choir, Text Wolfram Eicke 2004
Partita: Courante for Leading Violin, Strings and Harpsichord 1998/1999
Pesni i Tanzi for Flut/Alto Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Frensh Horn and Grand Piano 1999
S1, D3 and K3
Rückblick for String Quartett 1997
Sarabande from Partita version for Violin and Grand Piano 2013
Transitus for Organ Solo 1997
Translucence for Brass Band 2005/2006
Turmmusik for Brass Quintett 2009
Urban Rhapsody for Clarinet Solo 1997
Urban Rhapsody II version for Tuba Solo 2009 (1997)
Versuch über Schatten, Farben und Licht for Brass Band 2001/2006
SchattenFarben and Licht
Zurückbleiben for Alto-Saxophone Solo 2013


* I’ve planned five compositions in the Acedia series:

Acedia (I) English Horn 2013
Acedia (II) Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) 2013
Abschied (Acedia III) Solo Organ
A moment of Silence (Acedia IV) Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) and Brass Band
…komm selge Ruh… (Acedia V) for English Horn, two Violins, Viola and two Violoncelli