Valid Works


Norsk musikforlag AS (Signed as in-house composer from September 1st 2022)

Norsk Noteservice  – Oslo/Norway (only Beyond Bayãt)

Ear Mortion TV & Film Music Library – Munich and Paris. 
(Cowrite with Andreas Röhrig aka Alan Jay Reed)

«Avtrykk» (Imprint)
For Clarinet in Bb and Organ 
Dedicated to Peder A. Rensvik (1937-2023)

First performances Nordlandet Church (Kristiansund/Norway) 23. September 2023
Johannes Tylden (Clarinet)
Rune Tylden (Organ)

«An die unsterbliche Geliebte»
Text Ludvig van Beethoven
Soprano and String Quartet
Commission by Gesellschaft für aktuelle KLANGKUNST Trier 

First performances Oberbilling 6. September, Minden 7. September and Bitburg 8. September 2023 (Germany)

Soprano Susanne Ekberg
Shana Douglas, Mark Derudder (Violin)
Ugne Tiskute (Viola)
Roberto Sorrentino (Violoncello)

«Sketch in Blue»
Solo Clarinet in Bb
Dedicated to Roger Arve Vigulf
First performance June 10. 2023 in Horten (Norway) 

«Timenes time» 
String Quartet
Dedicated to Geir Kragseth (1960-2010)

Softspot for Castiglioni — miniature for Ensemble Kammerklang»
Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Violoncello
Dedicated to Karl Aage Rasmussen
First performance November 5. 2022 in Horten (Norway) 

Violin and Piano. Originally for Guitar Solo.
Dedicated to Rolf Karsten Mysen-Olsen as the Guitar version also is.

10-Piece Band version. Originally for Brass Band (2006)
Dedicated to Bjørn Sagstad
First performance 19. October 2023

«Sanctus – Postludium for Organ»
Dedicated to Xavier Fourny
First performance 25th of July 2022 at Raus Church (Helsingborg, Sweden)
Johan-Magnus Sjöberg

Tuba in F
Dedicated to Geir Løvold

«Etterklang» (Reverberation)
First performance Mars 9th 2022 at the Gamle Aker Kirke (Old Aker Church) in the occasion 
of the funeral of Astrid Janne Meling (1957-2022).
Viola solo Andreas M. Grimstad
Dedicated to Astrid Janne Meling (1957-2022)

«Skyggesønnen» (The Shadow Son) Musical
80′ (staged workshop version) 
Original book and Lyrics by Malin Kjelsrud
First staged workshop performance (excerpts) January 28 2022.
Nordiska rösten (The Nordic Voice – new Nordic Musical) in cooperation with the
Kristiania University College (Oslo).

NILLE Nora Aurdal (Soprano) 
SYNNØVE Dovile Martinkute (Soprano)
THE GHOST Karina Straume (Soprano)
TORGUNN Cecilie Beichmann (Alto)
HARTVIGSEN Matias Steen Hauge (Tenor)
NILS Håkon Bjerke (Baritone)
VON MÖINICHEN Borgar Skjelstad (Baritone) 

DIRECTED BY Ivar Tindberg
ACCOMPANIST Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos

«Ninnananna» (Lullaby)
Dedicated to Edel Elisabeth Mysen-Olsen (2021-).

«I would prefer a small mountain temple»
String Trio
Dedicated to Karim Haddad

«Nachruf» (Transitus III)
First performance August 13th 2021 at Roseslottet in Oslo. 
Guitar Solo
Dedicated to Ole Martin Huser-Olsen

Two Trumpets in Bb.
Dedicated to professor Olav Anton Thommessen on the occasion of his 75 birthday, May 16. 2021.

«Pater Robert, be for oss du hellige» 
(Pater Robert, pray for us you blessed)
Voice (Alto or Bariton) and Church Organ
Lyrics pater Myron Kuspys
In memory of pater Robert K. Anderson O.C.S.O (1955-2020)

Violin and Piano
Dedicated to Mauro Tortorelli and Angela Meluso (Gran Duo Italiano

«Non scordarmi» (Gradus II)
First performance November 6th in Fredrikstad (Norway)
The Progression Ensemble Oslo
Andreas Angell (Accordion)
Ole Martin Huser-Olsen (Guitar)
Tove M. Erikstad (violoncello).

«Transitus Fluvii» (Transitus II)
First performance November 6th in Fredrikstad (Norway)

The Progression Ensemble Oslo
Andreas Angell (Accordion)
Ole Martin Huser-Olsen (Guitar)
Tove M. Erikstad (violoncello).

«Der Tod des Vergil — Elegies for Clarinet in Bb, Viola, and Grand Piano»
Commissioned by, and dedicated to the Cikada RBK-Trio
Rolf Borch, Bendik Bjørnstad Foss, and Kenneth Karlsson
The commission made by fundings from the Arts Council of Norway
First performance October 17. 2021 in Oslo.

«De Profundis»
Musica per archi — Music for Strings

«Tre slag på templets port» 
(Three strokes on the temple gate)
First performance Freemason Hall in Oslo 30th of November 2019.
The Freemason Orchestra in Oslo
Conductor Niels Kristian Persen
Dedicated to the members of the Freemason Orchestra in Oslo/Norway on the occasion of their 125 years jubilee. 

«Når jeg vandrer» 
(When I’m traveling)
Lyrics by the composer.
Arranged by the composer. (singer)-Strings
First performance Freemason Hall in Oslo 30th of November 2019.
The Freemason Orchestra in Oslo
Tenor Soloist Terje Torp
Conductor Niels Kristian Persen
Dedicated to Finn Koch (1916-97)

«Orkester ved hav» 
(Orchestra by the Sea)
2019 perc (cymbals)-Strings
First performance on the occasion of the 100 years anniversary November 2. 2019.  «Festiviteten» Concert and Opera House. 
Kristiansund Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Torodd Wigum
Dedicated to the members and conductors of the Orchestra. 

Glass Harmonica
Dedicated to Christa Schönefeldinger

Dedicated to Dagmar Alfhild Mysen Olsen (2019-) 

«Palimpsest – Encore version for solo Violin» 
Dedicated to Lars Anders Tomter
The violin version is made on kind request from
Mauro Tortorelli

«Palimpsest – Encore for solo Viola» 
Dedicated to Lars Anders Tomter

«O lux beatissima!» (Salighetens lys, treng inn!)
Church Organ
Dedication: In memoriam Martin Knudsen (1930-2018)
First performance Jeløy Chapel (Moss/Norway)
Organ Trond Egil Oftung

«Tre Bønner»  (Three Prayers)
Girls Choir

1. Hill deg Maria!
2. Se Guds Lam, se ham som tar bort verdens synder.
3. Herre Jesu Krist, Guds sønn, miskunn deg over meg, en synder.

1. Dedicated to Ketil J. Zahl
2. Dedicated to Malin (Kjelsrud)
3. Dedicated to Ole Martin Huser-Olsen

«Variations on Hatikvah»
for violin and piano.

Dedicated to Madelene Berg and Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos
First performance 29th of April Oslo Concert Hall. Israel 70 years anniversary 
Madelene Berg (violin) and Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos (piano)

«Til Israel» Norwegian lyrics Inger Hagerup
for baritone and piano.

First performance 29th of April Oslo Concert Hall. Israel 70 years anniversary.
Mads Wighus (baritone) and Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos (piano)

«Zwei Gedichte» German Lyrics Hans Magnus Enzensberger
for soprano and marimba
Dedicated to Jessica Wagner and Collin Malloy
First performance 21st of April Victoria (Canada)
Jessica Wagner (soprano) and Collin Malloy (marimba)

«Röslein sprach» (The Rosebud spoke)
Guitar and String Quartet
Dedicated to the members of the Roma Tre Orchestra Quartet
First performance 12th of April 2018, Rome (Italy) Roma Tre Orchestra Quartet

Ole Martin Huser-Olsen (Guitar)
David Simonacci and Eunice Cangianiello (Violins)
Lorenzo Rundo (Viola)
Marco Simonacci (Violoncello)

«Reminiscences of Time»
String Quartet
Dedicated to Dr. Valerio Vicari in friendship
First performance 12th of April 2018, Rome (Italy) Roma Tre Orchestra Quartet

David Simonacci and Eunice Cangianiello (Violins)
Lorenzo Rundo (Viola)
Marco Simonacci (Violoncello)

«Passacaglia» Orchestration of Johan Halvorsen’s duett for violin and viola.
Dedicated to Bjørn Sagstad and the members of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.
First performance Grieg 7th of April 2018 Hall in Bergen. Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

«Rückzugsmarsch der Bojaren — Wunschkonzert» (Bojarenes uttogsmarsj)
A postmodern collage based on Johan Halvorsen’s «Entry March of the Boyars»
Dedicated to Bjørn Sagstad
First performance Grieg 7th of April 2018 Hall in Bergen. Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

«Galdr for sviktede kvinnfolk» (Curse for betrayed women)
Soprano and extended Sinfonietta
Original Norwegian text Malin Kjelsrud
Built on a folks tune collected by Edvard Bræin. “Springar fra Kristiansund”
Dedicated to Ditte Bræin, Kjell Seim and Kristiansund Sinfonietta
First performance 12th of Mars 2017. National Jubilee concert for the Norwegian society of composers

Solo clarinet 
Dedicated to Hans Christian Bræin
First performance 12th of Mars 2017. National Jubilee concert for the Norwegian society of composers

«Hun tilhører ikke denne verden» (She doesn’t belong to this world – Hud II)
Leading Guitar, Flute, Soprano, Harpsichord, and Viola
Dedicated to Ole Martin Huser-Olsen
First performance 2nd of September 2016 in Sarpsborg/Norway

 «Presque Bleu» (Almost blue)
Violine solo
Dedicated to Madelene Berg
First performance 30th of May 2016 in Lausanne

«È notte sulla terra» (Det er natt på jorden / Night on earth)
Baritone with string quartet
Original Norwegian text Torun Lian, Italian version by Else L’Orange and Maria Valeria D’Avino
Commissioned by Roma Tre Orchestra with support from Arts Council Norway (Fond for lyd og bilde).
Dedicated do Professor Dr. Roberto Pujia in loving memory of his beloved wife and companion of life Margherita Callegarini.
First performed on Mars the 20th by Hartmut Schulz (baritone), David Simonacci, Fabiola Gaudio, Lorenzo Rundo, Marco Simonacci.

«Nunc Licet» (It is allowed) – acoustic version.
Oboe, oboe d’amore, Coro Anglais (one player)
Written in the occasion of Harald Lyches exhibitions in Norway «Four stations for painting»
With support from «Komponistenes vederlagsfond»
Dedicated to Jan Bertelsen
Inspired by three paintings of Harald Lyche
1. «Lengsel» (Longing) and Michael Servetus (1509/11-1553),
2. «Bro» (Bridge) Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600)
3. «Stråler» (Beams) Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).
First performance: May 12th, 2016, Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo

«Nessuno» (Ingen / Nobody)
Baritone and Viola.
Text Malin Kjelsrud Italian version by Edmondo Filippini.
Dedicated to Hartmut Schulz and Maurizio Barbetti
First performance 6th of Mars 2016 in Rome

«Un ballo da sogno»  (A dance from a dream)
Viola solo
Dedicated to Maurizio Barbetti

«Livre de prières» (*) (The book of prayers)
Violoncello solo
Dedicated to Rolf Petrich

«Finnischer Tango II»
(2008 – 2015)
Bariton and grand piano. Text Hans Magnus Enzensberger.
Dedicated to Hartmut Schulz and Margita Linde
First performance February 6th 2016 in Oslo.

«Parole Nascoste»
for viola solo
Duration 6’00
Dedicated to Maurizio Barbetti
First performance in Remagen (Germany) on November the 8th 2015.

for guitar and violoncello
Duration 5’20
Dedicated to Marianne Piepenstock (on her 90th birthday)
First performance by Andreas Koch and Rolf Petrich

for guitar solo
Dedicated to Rolf Karsten Mysen-Olsen (2015-)
First performance on November the 7th 2015 during the «Høst Riss» festival in Sarpsborg.
Arranged by Ny Musikk (ISCM-Norway)

viola and grand piano
Duration 6’00
First performance by Lorenzo Rundo and Lidia Dottore

«Time Quarry»

for Sinfonietta.
Duration 10’00
Dedicated to Wilfried Krüger and Pegnitzschäfer Klangkonzepte

for guitar solo
Duration approx. 9 minutes
Dedicated to Ole Martin Huser-Olsen

«Translucent Landscapes – Acedia IV» (*)
(2013) [under preparation – first performance during the BrassWind Festival in September]
Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) Solo and Brass Band
Duration approx. 10 – 12 minutes.

Alto Saxophone Solo

«Acedia – I» (in memory of my mother Karen Sofie Koch – 1924-2013)
English Horn

«Acedia – II» 
Eb-Horn (Alto Horn)

About Acedia I-V, see at the bottom of the Page.

Violin and Grand Piano – transcription of «Sarabande» from «Partita» (1998-99) for Leading Violine and Strings.

«Gradus ad Parnassum – Postmodern Remix of Per Lasson’s Festival March»
First performance 
October 5, 2013, University Aula, Oslo
The University of Oslo Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Elisne Haugstad
In occasion of the 200 year anniversary of The Norwegian Student Society.
Dedicated to Jens Testmann-Koch

«Hommage an Edvard Hagerup Grieg – und Niccolo Castiglioni ist auch dabei»
Flute and Grand Piano.

Violine Solo (Dedicated to Malin)

«Turmmusik — Doodlings for Brass Quintet»
First performance September 26th, 2009 during the Brass Wind Festival in Bergen Norway with Fine Arts Brass (London)

«Urban Rhapsody II»
(1997-2009) [under revision]
Tuba Solo

«Le Tombeau de Schnittke»
Violoncello solo and Sinfonietta.

«Finnischer Tango Fragmente»
(2008) [under revision]
Soprano and Grand Piano. Text Hans Magnus Enzensberger.

«Finnischer Tango»
(2008) [under revision]
Soprano and rand piano. Text Hans Magnus Enzensberger.

Brass Band

«Versuch über Schatten, Farben und Licht»
Brass Band

«Med hjelp fra mine brødre» original german text Wolfram Eicke  «Mit hilfe meiner Brüder». (With help from my Brethren). Translation by the composer.
Mens Choir

«Das ersehnte Licht»
Small Orchestra

Version for String Orchestra

Violin and Grand Piano.

«Beyond Bayãt»
(1999/2000) Military Band

«Pesni i tanzi»
Flute/Alto Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, French Horn and Grand Piano.
13 pieces with different instrument combinations, where which compositions to play and the order is free.

«Le mystère de la voix»
Violoncello Solo

(1998-99) Leading Violine and Strings.

«Short Rhapsody» (*)
Military Band

(1997) Equinox Cologne on the 20th of September 2013
String Quartet
Dedicated to Lasse Thoresen

(1997) Organ. (in memory my father Finn Koch – 1916-1997)

«Urban Rhapsody»
(1997) [under revision]
Clarinet Solo

(1994-97 rev. 1999)
Small Symphony Orchestra

Fanfare for Two Solo Trumpets and Military Band.

«Aura – Mikkelifassung»
Version for 12 Solo Strings

String Orchestra or 16 Solo Strings

Bassoon, Actor and Tape. Original text Torun Lian.

Opera, theatre, and fine art installations: 

«Inside looking out» 
Soundscapes to a fine art installation video by Malin Kjelsrud.
10’00 loop.

«Only when the lights are out your in»
(2012) [under revision]
EA-composition. Original Text Malin Kjelsrud

Opera. Libretto by Ketil J. Zahl based on August Strindberg «Leka med elden» (Play with fire).
Performed as a scenic workshop by Musikkteater i Bodø (Music Theatre Bodø) and Bodø Sinfonietta.
Instructor: Elisabet Ljungar
Conductor: Oleg Snetkov
Marianne E Andersen (Kerstin)
Ludvik Lindstrøm (Knut)
Andreas Lundmark (Axel).
October 10. 2008

Soundscape for Kristin Rasmussen’s ceramic installation at Årbakka.
(continuous loop)

«Dagen vender/Partage de midi»
Theatre music: Tape. Paul Claudel. Torshov Theatre (National Theatre).
Directed by Eirik Nilssen-Brøyn  [tape lost]

Theatre music: Tape. Georg Büchner. Norwegian state theatre academy.
Directed by Eirik Nilssen-Brøyn [tape lost]

«Det øde landet/Wasteland»
(1987) meta performance by Torun Lian over T.S Elliot’s poem. Norwegian state theatre academy. Theatre music. Bassoon, percussion and Tape. Directed by Eirik Nilssen-Brøyn [score and tape lost]


«Nine solos for nine violinists Aurora» ACD 5067

«21 Marches For The 21st Century» Simax Classics PSC 1163

«A Norwegian Rendezvous» Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra/Jan Stigmer. Compositions by Nordheim, Kvandal, Åm og Koch. INTIM Musik IMCD 065

Discografia Pop-Rock arrangements:

Finn Coren: «Mitt hjerte», (2011) Bard Records BACD 5

Lucifer Was: «The Crown of Creation» (2010), Transubstace Records TRANS050

Finn Coren: «I draumar fær du», (2008) Bard Records BACD-4

Lucifer Was: «Blues from Hellah», (2004) Transubstance Records TRANS001

A full moon in March: «Love’s Loneliness», (1990) Kirkelig Kulturverksted  FXCD/LP/MC 94

About Acedia I – V: There are planned five compositions in the Acedia series where two are finished until now (medio June 2013):

1.  «Acedia (I)» English Horn [finished]
2.  «Acedia (II)» Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) [finished]
3.  «Abschied» (Acedia III) Solo Orgel
4.  «Translusent Landscape» (Acedia IV) Eb-Horn (Alto Horn) and Brass Band
5.  «…komm selge Ruh…» (Acedia V) for English Horn, two Violins, Viola and two Violoncelli